Radio paging system for the logistics branch
and industry

Ixaro solutions is specilaised in the area of free of charge and license free radio paging systems, developed for use in logistics centres. The Mannheim-based company develops and creates solutions Germany-wide.

Innovative, customer oriented and flexible!

The Mannheim-based company is ever ready to take on client challenges and requests in order to create optimally tailor- made solutions. The pagers in the well-established radio paging system „Rampenlotse“ have also been available since April 2011  in the intrinsically safe version.

Transmitters with extensive range

A further development has been the range of transmission: Ixaro can also supply fee-based solutions in addition to the free of charge pagers: these have a 5 watt capacity and a range of 10 km.

Discrete alarm signalling

Besides its implementation as a typical radio paging system, the Ixaro standard transmitter can also be used as a stand alone alarm device without the need for a PC. The Ixaro standard transmitter has 4-10 digital entrances which can be activated via switches. Each of the entrances is assigned a pre-defined message which is sent out  once the entrance has been activated.

Typical applications of the afore-mentioned transmitter are the notifictaion of a repair man when a machine is out of order, or contacting an employee in industry responsible for inventory monitoring.

Products 'made in Germany'

The company develops its solutions exclusively in Germany. Additionally, a large portion of parts is supplied domestically. This applies in particular to the transmitters,  at the very centre of the technology.

In order to ensure seemless service, Ixaro has its own repair and maintenance centre.

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