IXARO radio paging system

optional with time slot booking

IXARO-Solutions produces and sells free of charge and license-free radio paging systems that are specially designed for use in logistics centers. The system consists of software, transmitters and pagers/smartphones. It is modularly expandable to almost any storage size.

Radio paging system

System components

  • Software: browser compatible, network compatible – can be used from any PC, tablet or smartphone. more

  • Transmitter: network compatible, made in germany, controllable via USB or TCP / IP with connection to the in-house merchandise management system.more

  • Pager: With robust, easy-to-use IXARO battery packs or industrial IXARO smartphones. more

  • WFL 800 Bild

    Robust IXARO standart transmitters - Made in Germany: license-free and free of charge for ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 m

  • WFL 800 Bild

    Or as a chargeable (very low) transmitter with higher power for ranges of up to 10 km (larger warehouses).

  • WFL 800 Bild

    Robust, user-friendly pagers for a wide range of applications - e. g. EX protection pagers for the petrochemical industry.

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    IXARO smartphone: The industrial-grade outdoor cell phone (protection class IP68) navigates the driver directly to the loading point with the OK button.

  • Logistiklager

    Our new Update (Version 1.2.3) with encrypted data transmission (HTTPS) and updated runtime environment (AdoptOpenJDK).

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    Access control with the IXARO radio paging system: Truck drivers can open barriers independently with a given TwoWay pager - without leaving their vehicle.

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    The IXARO radio paging system with optional GSM function: SMS and e-mails can be sent to driver cell phones and other mobile devices.

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    Application without client: Standard transmitter as an alarm device for e.g. B. Service technician in the event of a machine failure

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    Default application: Client (PC, tablet, smartphone) sends messages to all radio pagers within range of the transmitter.


Use with or without Computer!

  • The IXARO system is used in the standard application as a radio paging system - optionally with e-mail and gate opening functions.

  • But it can also be used as an alarm device without a PC - for example to alert a service technician in the event of a machine failure.

Additional options

IXARO time slot booking

The combination of the IXARO radio paging system and IXARO time slot booking optimizes the processes on your premises.

However, both solutions can also be used independently of one another.


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