Webservice/REST API

our own interface

The new IXARO REST API enables you to connect additional programs from third parties such as SAP, Mercareon and Cargoclix, or other time booking and yard management systems, and to allow communication with the IXARO pager system. With the interface, we have laid the foundation for the seamless integration of external applications.


Integration of the IXARO pager system into your company applications

  • Sending messages to pager from any application
  • Easy integration of web-based solutions and services into the IXARO pager system
  • Quick connection of the IXARO pager system to third-party systems, regardless of platform and technology
  • Send messages to pagers, output pagers and activate times
  • Test environment

  • Logistiklager

    The REST API makes it possible to send messages to pagers via third-party systems. The implementation is simple.

  • API-Bild

Range of use

Full integration

  • Messages can now also be sent to pagers from third-party systems.

  • Extend your yard management with our pager system and integrate it into the familiar interface of your users. The REST interface to the IXARO pager system enables the seamless connection of any system.


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