IXARO Pagers


Robust and user-friendly!

Ixaro pagers are robust and specially adapted for truck drivers. Thanks to their extremely user-friendly design, errors are nigh impossible. The pagers are handed out to the truck drivers by dispatchers, and as soon as the ramp number is made known, the driver will receive his personalized message on the Ixaro pager. In the interim period, the driver is free to do as he pleases, thus rendering waiting time, relaxation time.

Ixaro intrinsically-safe pagers

  • Intrinsically-safe pagers are designed for use in the petrochemical industry.
  • Complete with 2/4 row display with background lighting.
  • Audible alarm signalling with 8 distinct alarm tones and vibrating alarm.
  • ATEX access EX11 GEEX ia 11 AT4
Bild Petrochemie-Anlage Ex-Schutz_Icon

Ixaro Rechargeable pager AK330

  • A robust 2/4 row alphanumeric Rechargeable pager with its own charging base-station.
  • Specifically designed for truck drivers.
  • Simple to use with easy to read display.
  • Pager-Ladestation

Ixaro Alpha Legend Pager

High quality pager equipped with wide range of functions:

  • High contrast, easy to read display with German characters
  • 2/4 row display with 40 or 80 characters
  • Adjustable signal volume with optional vibrating alarm
  • Memory capacity for 20 messages each up to 850 characters in length
  • Incoming messages are instantly shown on the display panel


  • Telephone: +49 621 14596
  • Telefax: +49 621 1565822
  • Mobile: +49 172 6564362
  • info@ixaro.com