TwoWay, OneWay, robust and user-friendly

IXARO pagers are robust and specially modified for truck drivers. They are very user-friendly and thus avoid operating errors. They are given to the driver by the dispatcher and as soon as the ramp number is determined, the driver receives his individual message on the Ixaro pager. In the meantime, the driver can move around freely: waiting time becomes rest time.

Product range

Pager for every need

  • IXARO pagers are available in several versions: battery pagers with two-way communication and automatic acknowledgment function, RFID-capable models for opening barriers or pagers for EX protection environments.

  • All IXARO pagers are very robust, user-friendly and have an easy-to-read, lighted display.

  • WFL 800 Bild

    The IXARO standard pager: High quality, RFID-capable pager with extensive functional equipment.

  • WFL 800 Bild

    Ex-protection pager for use in the petrochemical industry with ATEX approval Ex II 1 G EEx ia II A T4.

  • WFL 800 Bild

    Robust battery storage with its own charging station, optionally as a OneWay or TwoWay version

  • WFL 800 Bild

    Access control with the IXARO radio paging system and IXARO TwoWay pager: Truck drivers can open barriers independently with a given TwoWay pager - without leaving their vehicle.

  • Bild E-Mail an Pager

    In connection with the IXARO radio paging system, all pagers can also receive e-mails from external systems (ERP, ...).

  • Akkupager Bild

    In the standard application, our pagers act as recipients of messages (truck calls, alerting service technicians, ...)


Pager as a gate opener or …

  • In connection with an IXARO paging system, our pagers are primarily used to receive messages and e-mails, but they can also be used to automate access control on your premises: truck drivers can use a TwoWay pager to open barriers independently without to leave their vehicle.

  • This saves time and personnel and optimizes logistical processes in your company.


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