IXARO Software


Web-based Software, API-enabled!

Ixaro web-based software is API-enabled and supports gatekeepers, dispatchers and forklift truck operators in coordinating truck drivers upon their arrival. The software records which pager was issued to which truck driver and allows gatekeepers and dispatchers to send drivers simple messages with ease. Furthermore, it saves pertinent information such as waiting and loading time, load information and the license plate numbers of the trucks in question.

Product highlights

  • Web-based, API-enabled software
  • Accessible to every client within the network (PC, smartphones, tablets)
  • Additionally, can be implemented locally in the server/client operation
  • Excel-Export possible in order to document and archive all processes
  • Possible to connect forklift truck operators
  • Ramp status display (green/red)
  • Possible to control several types of transmitter as a chain of transmitters
  • Can be customized to meet clients’ needs (other languages, alternative symbols for the headings and function keys)


  • Telephone: +49 621 14596
  • Telefax: +49 621 1565822
  • Mobile: +49 172 6564362
  • info@ixaro.com