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Network-enabled with a range of up to 10 km!

Ixaro Radio-paging systems are principally free of charge, license-free, radio-paging systems without running costs or binding contracts. The 10 mw capacity TCP/IP-enabled transmitters are manufactured from start to finish in Germany.
Since 2011 we have been supplying 5 watt capacity fee-based transmitters (as required also to large-scale plants), able to cater for an entire site. Our systems are implemented in logistics centres, the petrochemical industry and container logistics management branch.

Ixaro L10 Bus transmitter/ Ixaro L10 Net transmitter 10 mw, license-free and free of charge

  • License-free and free of charge
  • TCP/IP-enabled
  • 1km range
  • Able to be controlled with own WWS/LVS
  • 433.5 Mhz frequency
  • Made in Germany

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Ixaro P500-NET POE transmitter TCP/IP - enabled, able to be controlled via SAP/EWM

With the advent of the powerful and yet license-free, no fees IXARO P500 NET – POE transmitter we want to bring new features to the fore. Ramp allocation and radio wave provision have just taken on a new dimension.

  • Abel to be controlled via SAP/EWM or via own Software
  • 0.500 mW Output Power
  • License-free/no fees to pay
  • TCP/IP-enabled
  • 3,000 m range open Air
  • 446,15.625 MHZ frequency
  • Made in Germany

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Ixaro L5W Bus transmitter: 1-5 w, license and fee-incurring

The Ixaro L5W Bus transmitter with its 5 w capacity and TCP/IP-control is an ideal and inexpensive solution for larger operations which the Ixaro Standard transmitter cannot adequately supply.

  • Minimal charges, payable directly to the German Network Agency
  • No running costs, contracts or commitments
  • TCP/IP-enabledg
  • Adjustable capacity from 1–5 watts depending on size of warehouse
  • Can be controlled with own WWS/LVS

*Charges which are payable directly to the German Network Agency for the 5 watt transmitters:

  • 130,– € one off payment for frequency assigning
  • 1,– € annually per pager (for over 50 pagers)
  • 2,50 € annually per pager (for up to and including 50 pagers)
  • 23,50 € annually per transmitter

Needless to say, Ixaro will assist you when dealing with the German Network Agency.

Ixaro WLF 800 - wireless, 2-way and multi-functional.

The Ixaro WLF 800 with its high quality number 0-9 keys and its 4 function keys, is a stand-alone wireless transmission and receiving station with pager able to confirm that a message has been received. The WLF 800 is a desktop device which receives its power supply via a power adapter.

The display not only shows outgoing but also incoming messages. It operates wirelessly and 2-way together with the pagers which have been called.

  • Stand-alone wireless transmission and receiving station
  • High quality keyboard
  • 2-way and multi-functional
  • Pager with message receipt confirmation function
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  • Email: info@ixaro.com

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