IXARO transmitter

network-compatible, up to 10 km range

IXARO radio paging systems are generally free of charge and license-free radio paging systems without running costs or contractual obligations. If required, we can supply 5 watts powerful, chargeable transmitters for larger warehouses that supply the entire site with radio. Our systems are used in logistics warehouses, the petrochemical industry and container logistics.

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    If the areas that have to be covered by radio are spatially separated by a massive building, several IXARO transmitters can be installed, each covering its own area.

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    The IXARO standard transmitter with either 10 or 500 mW power. For ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 m (beeline).


Range up to 3,000 m free of charge and licence-free

With our 10 mW strong L10 Bus- or Net-transmitter you can cover ranges of up to 1,000 m.For larger warehouses, the 500 mW P500 is available with a maximum range of 3,000 m.

  • licencefree and free of charges
  • With own WWS/LVS controllable
  • TCP/IP-capable
  • Frequence 433.5 MHz/446.15625 Mhz
  • Made in Germany
  • Manual/technical data
     (1 MB)


Range over 3,000 m applies to license and charges

The Ixaro L5W bus transmitter with 1-5 watt adjustable power and TCP / IP control is the optimal and cheapest solution for larger warehouses that cannot be optimally supplied with radio with the free IXARO standard transmitters.

  • Very low charges*, which are paid directly to the Federal Network Agency
  • No running costs, contracts or terms
  • TCP/IP-capable
  • With your own WWS/LVS controllable
  • Application for frequency allocation
     (0,1 MB)


Autonomous stand-alone transmitter can be used without a PC

Ixaro WLF 800 - wireless, bidirectional, multifunctional. The Ixaro WLF 800 - with high-quality keys from 0–9 and 4 function keys, is a self-sufficient, wireless transmitting and receiving station with pager acknowledgment function. The WLF 800 is a tabletop device and is supplied with power via a power supply unit.

The display shows both outgoing and incoming messages. It works wirelessly and bidirectionally with the addressed pagers.


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